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Suicide Loss / Passing of Niece Year Ago Yesterday
« on: April 06, 2011, 06:50:22 PM »
My Dear Dr. Golden -- You are a gem -- thanks for getting back to me.  My brother's second oldest daughter Jennifer passed last April 5, 2010.  She was 28 and left behind two very young sons and her husband.  Okay this is the 411 shall we say.  Her major stressors were centered around her two boys who both had been born with holes in their hearts.  In time -- miracle I'd say --  they healed.  She, her husband and kids were living with my brother (her Dad) and mom.  She was run pretty ragged chasing them around and did not receive much help from their dad.  His standard routine after work was to jump on his computer and basically did not help her with the boys.

As can happen she self-medicated herself with unprescribed Xanax from her husband's mother in law.  While her dad went in for emergency spinal surgery she broke into his locked methadone box with a hammer and took two viles and collapsed.  The emergency room doctor said she had a large amount of methadone and Xanax in her system.  She swallowed one not knowing its power.  As her dad had just arrived home he was not yet aware that his box had been opened.  Jenny was on life support for a week or so and spent another week in the hospital's psych unit.  She arrived home and apparently swallowed the other one.  She aspirated in her sleep and died.  Paramedics worked on her for about an hour but it was too late.  The medical examiner concluded her death a suicide because of the amount of meth.    His wife and son in law blamed my brother for her death and asked him if he was happy about that.  They also blame me as I was the one who got him to seek out a drug treatment program for drug abuse that began years before. 

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