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Main / Looking for someone with shared experience
« on: July 26, 2018, 12:44:57 PM »
Hello. I have a 29 yr old daughter who just (July 8, 2018) suffered through a catastrophic event. A helicopter crashed directly into her apartment and exploded into flames. Her apartment was filled with everything she loved and cherished (heirloom furniture, artwork she created and purchased) as well as extensive and one-of-a-kind files, notes and equipment she used in her job.

Because it is under investigation by the authorities and insurance companies the apartment has not been accessible so we do not know if anything is actually recoverable. As far as we can tell EVERYTHING has been destroyed.

Fortunately she and her boyfriend were not in the apartment at the time and were unharmed. However, my daughter feels her life that she has been building for the last 8 years has been destroyed and it is unrecoverable. Her grief is deep and intense and full of despair. She has asked repeatedly if there is someone else who has suffered such a loss that she could talk to. She feels no one understands how she feels.

Does anyone on this forum have any insights on how to help her. We have tried to get her into various therapies but she has either refused or found that lacking in minutes.

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