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Spouse, Partner Loss / lost my wife she was only 23
« on: January 01, 2013, 04:18:11 AM »
I lost my wife Jayshree in a bus accident when we were both going for a holiday. It was 4 in the morning on 20th november and i was sitting beside her. The bus flipped i dont know what happened but she was sitting near the window to the left. we were both asleep. I lifted up her head but she was bleeding from nose, ear and head. Some people came and broke the glass from outside and we pulled her out of the bus. Her eyes were closed but she was sometimes moving her hand and legs i think because of pain.She was not able to breathe properly. After 15-20 minutes the ambulance arrived and i took her to the hospital. She was instantly put on ventilator to breathe. After few minutes a CT scan was performed and the doctor said that she has a severe head injury and they do not have any neuro surgeon to perform any operation. They said that you'll have to take her to a better hospital in Mumbai which was ~300 km away from that place and they did not even had an ambulance which has artificial life support in it. So i called up an agent who supplied this ambulance but it was again a 100km away from that place. At 10:30 am this ambulance arrived and we took Jayshree and we left from there. We reached Mumbai at around 4 pm in the evening. Our parents were waiting there in a hospital so they took her in. The doctor said after checkup that we'll have to perform a surgery and they did. They removed some part of the skull so that the brain can swell. And the doctor said after surgery we will keep her in sedation for 48 hours and after that if she responds that will be a good sign but there was no response even after 72 hours. We showed the ct scan results to other big doctors in the city but they all said that the reports say that she is brain dead. The doctor who performed the surgery said there are very remote possibility that she'll survive only a miracle can help. She was on life support for 10 days and on 1st of december 2012 her heart stopped beating just before 2 days of her birthday which was 3rd december

She was only 23 and we got married last year.We were in a relationship for 4 years and she was everything for me. I dont know what to do I tried going to work but i was not able to work. Every single second i just think of her.Everyday I cry and i am not able to accept the fact that she is not with me anymore.I cannot find any meaning in this life.She was very caring and loved me a lot.I have no idea about how will i carry on with this life.Every morning I wake up and she is not beside me. How Jayshree how...Many times i get this feeling of ending my life so that i can be with her wherever she is.Oh i miss her so badly that i cant even describe. I am feeling so alone and empty even if there are people around me.Every night I dream of the incident which happened that night.Whenever I see other friends with there wives i bust into tears and feel so uncomfortable around them.I dont feel like eating drinking or anything.

I miss you a lot JAYSHREE..

your Ankit

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