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Main / My Wife has just died
« on: February 07, 2010, 07:45:38 AM »
Hello my name is Paul and i live in the UK and have just lost my Wife to lung cancer.

I really dont know where to start but basically my Wife was misdiagnosed with having a lung decease called COPD and was left for a further 8 months without treatment until she got very ill and was very close to death..It was then they found on a chest x ray she had small cell lung cancer and for someone of her age its quite uncommon as she was only 39. After a year of numerous treatments and blunders she finaly lost her brave fight on new years day bang on the stroke of midnight..We brought her home to die with all her family around her and since she died i have found it hard to cope with all the reminders in my house that she left me with..Im only 36 myself and had only 6 years of marriage so i feel cheated and really destroyed by all this..It happened too soon and i dont think i can take the pain...last night i even contemplated killing myself and had a load of pills set out before me but finally got myself together and went to sleep.

Today i woke up with no motivation and im still feeling very low..The docotor gave me anti depressents but i dont feel any benefit from them..To add to all my troubles my Wifes family have totally snubbed me and wont talk to me and are doing things without me which also hurts like hell...I feel so alone and for the first time in my life i dont see any goals or reasons to get out of bed.

Been back at work for 3 weeks but my boss is being a complete bastard expecting me to just carry on as normal when all i want to do is leave.  Ive tried other support forums but none seem to help and i evenh found no one would read my posts.  Is there a way out of this nightmare? And who is going to be my valentine now?   I have nothing :'(

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