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Child Loss / Is it wrong?
« on: March 01, 2007, 07:50:29 PM »
Is it wrong to have kept everything that was him?

Is it wrong that I have his clothes he died in and I take them out window car glass and all just to smell them, on any occassion i FEEL FIT.

Just to know that he was mine and someone took him, I miss him so much all the time, I just keep everthing little thing.

WE had to move two weeks after his death no choice, did not have the the right to close his room and say when I am ready, I had to and DID deal with Jeff's stuff.

But I take out the clothes he died in just to smell him, his knapesack just to know he did live

is this wrong

I miss him so much

Always Kyme Jeff's Mom

Child Loss / Poem for my son Jeffrey
« on: February 28, 2007, 05:44:23 PM »
First have to thank you all for your supoort - My son's Angel Date is MARCH 2nd. I am sorry that when I posted it seemed like that day - I do have my days

This poem was writtern for Jeff and I would like to share it with you

Thank you for all your support over these last two years

Always Kyme - "forever AND ALWAYS Jeff's Mom|

Who knows what it was,
That caused this fate,
And turned this day,
To the Angel Date,
A mark in time,
Now to remind,
Of the pain and loss,
Life left behind,
The Anniversary date,
A life was destroyed,
My childís life lost,
Leaving such a void,
A hurt so great,
Thought Iíd go insane,
Only photos and memories,
Now remain,
Others devastated,
Family and friend,
Still not believing,
My childís life did end,
And here I am,
Hurting and coping,
Waiting for a sign,
And always hoping,
Constant reminders,
Even in poem,
My child is gone,
And isnít coming home,
But he lives on in my heart,
And there he will stay,
Till weíre reunited,
Again one dayÖÖ
Copyright 2007 by Stanley N. Radish

Child Loss / Loss of a great Kid
« on: February 16, 2007, 04:59:20 PM »
Jeffrey's second angel date

do not know why he was taken, will never understand

Love him always miss him like there is no tomorrow

Kyme - Jeffrey;s mom always

Child Loss / For us Mom's and Dad's
« on: February 06, 2007, 08:19:59 PM »
poem for us Mom's and Dad's

Good Morning Hello Mommy

Good Morning Hello Mommy, Iíve a million things to say,
I wish that you could hear me, And Iím trying to find a way,
I know my body left you, And I think that that was wrong,
But you should know that I am here, Iíve been with you all along,
Iím with you every morning, Just because it feels right,
And those times you fall asleep, I kiss your cheek good night,
I know you canít remember, All the times I held your hand,
But Iíve been watching over you, When you go to dreamland,
I know that youíre unhappy, This time youíve thought me gone,
I wish right now that you could know, Iíll be with you from now on,
I guess you think Iím hiding, I am Iím in your heart,
I guess I always thought you knew, Weíd never be apart,
If you look there you will find me, And there Iíll always be,
Iím told itís for a long long time, How longís eternity?
I still have lots of questions, And they may not come through clear,
But if you listen hard enough, I know that you will hear,
And itís ok to answer, Iíll hear the things you say,
You can answer with your voice or heart, Iíll hear you either way,
And itís ok to remember, Cause I too miss your touch,
And I want you to know mommy, I still love you very much,
I had to tell you somehow, So I asked this poet guy,
If he could tell these things to you, His mind said he would try,
So then I softly whispered, As he sat there on the beach,
And yes I know that you were there, But you I couldnít reach,
I said please sir tell my mommy, all these things I say to you,
And tell her in a special way so sheíll know that itís true,
Tell her that I love her, And that yes I am ok,
Tell her that I Ďve been with her and will be every day,
Tell her that I donít know why And know neither does she,
That this is just the way things are, Itís how it has to be,
Please tell my Mommy mister, I donít think that sheíll get mad,
And maybe if she knows these things, she wonít have to be sadÖ

Copyright 2006 by Stanley N. Radish

Thank you to a friend that wrote this, Thank you

For my Jeffrey always loved forever missed

Your Mom always waiting for you to come home

Child Loss / Sharing daughter's Tattoo
« on: January 11, 2007, 10:20:30 AM »
I thought I would share a picture of the Tattoo my daughter is in the process of getting.

and the story behind it.

The night Jeffrey was killed she was at school, they both attended the same College, she was in class when I tried her cell phone. I left my home in Laval and travelled over an hour to identify my son's body. She called me at around 10:30 and was tired, but wanted to hang in the city for a couple of more hours, I just said please come home, finally I convinced her that I would call her fatehr and tell him to pick her up. We are divorced and he had gone with me and then he went to his brother's leaving me in a home that was missing it's major link.

When she did finally came home I had to tell her that her big brother had been killed and that both him and Tanya died instanly, it was gut wrenchinging.

She went through a lot of emotional up and downs, even through the cutting stage (harm to oneself) it was only last Christmas when she turned to me and said Jeffrey would love the new Xbox 360 and she suddenly broke down realizing that her big brother was never coming home.

Getting off track, two months after Jeffrey left us, she designed this tatoo, but no one would do a breast piece until she was at least 21.

She had to be 21 before they would even think about starting it, and guess who is turning 21 in 2 weeks; soon she will be older than her older brother, which is kind of hard to swallow. She had designed this 2 months after Jeff left us, it is in his memory, the broken heart is what happened when she found out about Jeff and the pins represent her trying to mend but will never be fixed, the ragged wings cause he was and now is a real rugged angel, the halo represents his righteousness and pure of heart. It is big but that is what she wanted. Apparently she said it hurt a little bit. It took 6 hours and the colour is yet to come.

I had to let her do it, she loved him so much.
thanks for letting me share

Kyme Jeffrey's mom

missing him more and more with each passing moment in time

Child Loss / I sit here and wait
« on: January 06, 2007, 04:45:53 PM »
I sit here and wait

I read all of you posts and I see and hear your kids dieing everyday

those whom have died in accidents I understand

I was called at 7:30 pm that an acident happen, do not remeber going there but oh so remeber coming back, My son Jeffrey was all brokern nothing that I could have done would have changed things,,,,
my beautiful son broken beyond repair

I remeber that night forever and that night has relived it selelf every night I go to sleep

why I do not sleep any more why life has taken away my life my joy

I want him to come home, I wwant to make him feel no pain, I want my son home so badly

I love him and miss him so much it has consumed me

Please I just want to know he is okay

that he is not cold, hungry,a mom thing

Jeffrey I miss you so much
Always waiting for you to come home

Jeffrey's Mom

Child Loss / Dec 27 - Jeff's birthday
« on: December 26, 2006, 04:59:47 PM »
My Dearest Son

Tomorrow you would have (still so hate using passed tense)turned 23,

You would have been in University , telling your brother Jon, what to do and Jenn (his younger sister) to get her act together,

you would have been having a field day with BUSH and HARPER

Jeffrey where ever you are I love you and miss you

To this day I would give up my life, my soul(if we have one) everything to have you back

Tu mes manques

Je T'amie mon garcon

I am thinking of you on your heavenly birthday, took everthing in this world to save you coming into this world, and it took you away,

Mom loves you Jeffrey, somehow I wish you would just come home

Jeff's Mom

Child Loss / I miss him, so very much
« on: December 02, 2006, 11:25:02 AM »
This is just not right. You should be here. I hate this holiday business. Miss you and love you with all my heart

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