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Spouse, Partner Loss / Currently pregnant, lost the father.
« on: November 02, 2011, 06:49:32 AM »
Hello. I need to find people who have carried on through their pregnancy even though the father has passed on. The love of my life was in an motorcycle accident on September 17th, 2011, and later died September 26th. Somehow kept myself "calm" during the accident and his body dying, kept the baby safe. 15 weeks today. Still fighting for life here, fighting the depression that could kill me. I will not give up. Doing so would be a dishonor to this child's amazing father. I know that I cannot give up. I thought divorce was painful, and it is, but in my life, losing this man that I prayed for so hard to come into my life is overwhelming at different seconds, minutes. He died. Justin died! He would say, "Everybody dies, Bee." I know. I know we all do. But not you, Justin. No no no, not you. Knowing him and being friends, good friends since Highschool, both having awful long painful relationships with the wrong people, finding each other again but as life-mates only just this May, then GONE?? To say this is hard is obviously and understatement. I know that he is with us, just different. I miss his face, though, his skin, his voice. His acceptance. The best man I have ever met has been ripped from my existence. I'm so glad we are having a son. I hope to make his father proud in spirit.

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