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Sibling Loss / I do love her
« on: January 31, 2008, 11:31:51 AM »
I lost my older sister in a car accident 4 years ago.  I miss her so much, and I am ver sorry that the last time I saw her I did't say "I love you."  We never got along growing up, but the last time she came down to visit, we had a lot of fun, I used to always so "I love you" to her everytime we would say goodbye, but she never said it back, so this time I guess I figured she wouldn't say it back, so theres no pint in saying it.  This has been tugging at me since the day we got the call, why didn't I just say it to her.  I don't really have dought that she knew I loved her, but just the fact that I didn't say it bothers me.  I say it to all my friends and family everytime we leave eachother and I try and say more than once a day to people.  That saying that you never know what you got untill it's gone is so true, because growing up we faught all the time and I hated it when she was home cuz she got all the attention, but now I would give anything to have her back, even to fight with her again, and for her to hog the attention would be fine!  Thank you for listening to me, it's not often that you can talk so openly about the death of our loved ones and have people truely understand.  

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