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Spouse, Partner Loss / Good Morning
« on: August 18, 2011, 06:21:22 AM »
Good morning everyone I am so glade to have found this site. My beloved husband passed on Aug. 7th. He was my best friend and now I feel so lost. We were married for 16 years but together 19 years and we never had a fight. All the words run through my head but when I try to say them to any one they get muddled. I try to put on a brave face when I'm working or with family or friends because I don't want to make them  uncomfortable or maybe start to avoid me. Three months ago my whole world was turned upside down. I'm greatful that he didn't linger or suffer for a long time and that he passed peacefully but I miss him so much it hurts. John was a Marine and when bad things were happening he would always say that you need to improvise,adapt and overcome, and that is what I told him I was going to do. Easier said then done!!! Just walking into the closet and seeing all his things there can cause a meltdown. I know that the world keeps turning and life goes on but life without him is unbearable at this point in time. I'm greatful for this site where I can write down what I'm feeling.John had cancer through out his whole body. He started not feeling well in April by Aug. he is gone.Thank You all for listening..........................Betty

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