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Sibling Loss / I lost my baby sister
« on: August 05, 2007, 05:33:45 PM »
I lost my 25 year old sister and her 26 week unborn child due to a motorcycle accident on July 02 07. The baby died the 2nd  and my sister on the 3rd. She was not wearing a helmet and the boy who was driving was. She died, he got scratches. We found out he was high on cocaine but because of how the laws are written they have to have an extensive investigation to prove he was high enough to be charged. He also has no insurance, no motorcycle lisence, and had been busted selling cocaine 7 days before he killed my sister. Lost his jaguar, had no insurance then either, fled from police on foot, There were lots of charges. What makes all this so hard to except is that he is not being charged right now and we cant move on until he does. My mom, twin sister and brother went out yesterday for her birthday, she would have been 26 years old. I am finding it hard to do my day to day things, raising my three children and focusing on them, getting them ready for school to start and then there is my sisters 2 year old son she left behind too. I love that little boy, he lost his mother and his dad will probably go to jail. It has been so hard waiting on the police to tell us if this man is going to get away with doing this to my sister. I dont think I will be able to handle him not being held responable for murdering two people. Anyone out there with any aadvise to keep me sane?

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