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Sibling Loss / New here
« on: July 11, 2007, 03:16:32 PM »
hey all im amber 26yrs old from pa.  im here because i lost my brother to a drunk driver almost 12years ago.  he was 19yrs old and was coming home from work when his car started to act up so he pulled off the road and crossed the street to make a phone call to his friend to come help him. after he got off the phone he went back to his car to see what he could do while waiting. when his friend arrived on opposite side of the road my brother proceeded to cross when out of nowhere comes a big van down the wrong side of the road and rams right into to him sending him over 100 ft and killing him instantly. if that isnt bad enough 8 mths later his girlfriend gave birth to thier son. today would of made him 31. even though its been 12 years i cant seem to get over his loss and i just dont understand why.  will i ever?  i miss him so much.  :(

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