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Spouse, Partner Loss / 5 months and i only feel worse
« on: May 22, 2016, 10:23:33 AM »
my wife had a massive stroke dec 23.we took her off life support on the 26 and about 
6 hours later she went to be with God.i sat and watched her die and i cant get this image out of my head.i pray everyday to god to let me be with my wife.i know she will be waiting for me but i wake in the morning and am dissapointed that i am still here.i cannot look at her picture i think about her all the time.i moved in with my son
but everytime i look at our grandkids i can only think about is she is not here to share them with me.we were very close she was my best friend and it only seems to hurt more every day.they have put me on a sedative because i have a bad heart i went through 3 bottles of nitro in a week.she was my reason for living so i no longer take any of my heart medicines i was only take them for her i feel like i'm done here and wish god would let me be with her again

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