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Child Loss / Re: Introducing Our Precious Children
« on: July 20, 2007, 01:25:08 PM »
In Loving Memory of John Robert (J.R.) Woodfin
July 10, 1986 ~ December 21, 2005

How do you describe a wonderful, loving, and vibrant young man in just a few paragraphs? He was my heart and now that he is gone I am just a shadow of myself…dead for all practical purposes yet forced to live on.

John Robert Woodfin was born on July 10, 1986. When he arrived, he was such a sweet little baby. He was so loving and caring from the beginning. When I would hold him up to my shoulder and pat his back, he would pat me on the back with his little hand. As he grew up he continued to be loving, compassionate, and kind. He always worried about the poor. He was a softie for any beggars that we passed by. His sister teasingly referred to him as “The Pope” because he would give his allowance away to the poor.

He always had a zest for life…always curious. He wanted to try everything, taste everything, and experience everything. It was almost as if he knew he just had a few years to live so he had to cram it all in. He didn’t seem to be afraid of anything. He went skydiving, bungee jumping and all sorts of other daring things (unfortunately trying methadone was one of them). He wanted to experience the world!

I remember how proud I was of him when he played water polo. He was so good at it and all the girls kept an eye on him. He was SO handsome. He made friends everywhere he went. He could walk into a party where he didn’t know anyone and come out with a new set of friends. At his memorial service one of his friends said “J.R. was not only my best friend, he was everyone’s best friend”.

He was/is such a beautiful young man. I was always proud to call him my son, even the time he wore that red Mohawk on vacation. Even when he was acting silly, he was exhibiting the uniqueness that made him…Him!

He was my reason for living. I am an empty shell now that he is gone. But I will go on because he wants me to. I will try to be more compassionate, loving, caring, and helpful because that is what he was and I want the rest of my life to be lived in honor of him. He is a very special person. And now he is an angel.

To see his pictures and read more about him go to;

Marilyn Futrell

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