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Title: Misses wants a break and Iím a bit confused
Post by: Jamesb on January 01, 2019, 05:48:49 AM
Hey guy
Just looking for some help.

So my misses has mental problems from her past boyfriends and things that have happened to her. She said to me the night before New Years that she wanted a break and that the relationship status on Facebook wonít change. She says that she just needs some time to fix herself, because of her mental state. She says that she doesnít find it fair that when we go out she gets anxiety and struggles to be with me without her getting worried that something would happen. But what I donít under stand is that we were fine then she slowly started pushing me away and when ever I asked her about it or questioned her in the sense she says itís just because of her mental state. But she seems fine around everyone else. Iím lost and confused I really love this girl and told her that I will go through it for her so she can get her head straight, even though I feel like Iíve been trying to help her with it all. Iím mentally lost myself in all this and she said she is sick and tired of all the fighting and wants to call it off for now.

I donít know how to go about it but give her the time she needs just feel like Iím gunna lose the one I love. Like she says she love me but I donít feel like she is in love with me. Because she asks me to come somewhere and sometimes I want to hang with friends and she gets annoyed about it. But then I come and she gets annoyed about that Iím not sure what I am doing wrong but when ever something like this happens it hurts me and hurts her. She doesnít tell me whatís wrong but expects me to tell her whatís wrong. But she will happily tell her house mate what is going on and they both deny it and says that she isnít in it. I donít find it easy to message people but if someone is willing to help please do and Iíll do the best I can to give the fool details.

Iíve lost a lot for this girl but Iíve put it all aside and not cared because I would prefer her in my life then friends I have had for years because I donít want her to be in her mental state is that a good thing or bad. Iíve come out of a 4 1/2 yr relationship and finally got back on my feet now with her we havenít been dating long but I feel like Iím back to where I started 2yrs ago from recovering. I told her Iím not gunna see anyone new until I know for sure but what if she is seeing someone do I ask or will that makes things worse because I donít want to go through all this if she is. Is I a fair enough question