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Title: Mom's Passing Anniversary
Post by: Irene on November 02, 2018, 06:02:34 PM
On November 2, 2004 my mother passed away suddenly. She had health problems, and her doctor felt that the cause was that she had developed lactose intolerance. She went to the hospital for testing and passed away 3 days later. The first year was extremely tough, and I am ever grateful that I found this board and the help that I had received from the individuals that responded to my tearful letters. I don't often check on this board anymore, but again I am forever grateful for the people that continue to help others with the loss of their loved ones. When my mother passed away, I didn't know how I could make it through and people would tell me to take baby steps. Gradually, it got easier, but we are now talking 14 years later. I never have forgotten the love that I had for my mother and I miss her every day. For any of those of you that helped me then, "Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." Still loving my mom every day of my life.
Title: Re: Mom's Passing Anniversary
Post by: shaniasmith on November 06, 2018, 02:23:58 PM
I'm so sorry for what happened to your mom. I couldn't imagine what you are personally going through. The journey is tough, but God will help you get through it. I recently lost my mom to stroke. You never know what a parent loss feels like until you experience it yourself. I wish you peace and strength.
Title: Re: Mom's Passing Anniversary
Post by: Lastleafgreen on January 15, 2019, 08:32:06 PM
Thank you for sharing. I'm glad that you found help here. As someone who is currently going through the prolonged death of my father I can't tell you how reassuring it is to hear that things do get better. That even though the person you loved passes life continues on. That there are new memories and new happy times. I know that in my head. But hearing it from someone who has gone through that grief is incredibly comforting. Thank you.