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Title: Just found this site ,
Post by: Jim,John on June 10, 2016, 01:45:42 PM
Hi everyone I am new here. This is my story . I was caregiver to my mom and husband for many years. I lost my mom on July 14,2012. I still had my husband to care for,so I really don't think I grieved my mom's passing . On September 23,2012, I lost my husband. I was devastated. I was like a zombie. I couldn't eat ,or sleep. Then both of their birthdays came and went. I was in a daze . The first Christmas was here and I still had the same dinner like we always had. I was in complete denial. The second year was worse for me . I guess reality set in that I was never doing to see either one again. In the year 2015 I was sort of healing. I felt that I was ready to be happy again, and a great friend just lost his wife. We reconnected and I helped him with his grief. We grew very close to each other. We went out to eat and had some things planned for future dates. We knew each other for almost 15 years. We were both caregivers to our spouses and we just touched each other soul's . We were both on the same journey. On May 16,2016 he passed away. I am right back to 2012 when I lost my mom and hubby. My heart is broken in so many pieces,that the only part that is still beating is the part keeping me alive. I have no more pieces left to have broken. I am so very saddened by his death. I miss the future that we were planning. My friends and family and his sister-in -law try to help. I appreciate it , But I am right back where I started.
Title: Re: Just found this site ,
Post by: Terry on July 11, 2016, 07:16:23 PM

I'm so sorry for your losses. It's true when someone dies that all of the memories from past losses resurfaces and the pain is back. Two steps forward and one step back it can sure feel like for awhile.

Welcome to Webhealing. I'm glad you found us.

Title: Re: Just found this site ,
Post by: LauraN on July 18, 2016, 08:56:15 PM
Hi, this is a summary of why I am here. I recently lost my husband to prostate cancer which had spread to his liver. He died on May 19th.
I had a first husband that died a sudden death. He died on August 30th 1990. Grief just surrounds me,and I am flashing back in my mind to how they both died,and I am suffering from shock and a sense of unreality. I am trying to accept that love and grief are united.Lots of people are going through the same emotions,and I know this, still I suffer. I am trying to stay connected to life by being with my friends and family,but sometimes I wonder how I will get through his death. Being alone at night is difficult. I have very little appetite and have lost weight.One thing I have learned is that grief is too powerful to go through alone. That is why I am trying to connect to people here who are hurting.