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Title: Mother's Day
Post by: Irene on May 08, 2015, 05:07:48 PM
To all the mothers, I wish you a wonderful mother's day. I am a mother but my own mother passed away suddenly 10 years ago and still, I feel that this is one of the more difficult days to get through each year. I was tremendously close to my mom, and since she died, I seem to have a mental block regarding this upcoming holiday and it happens to me every year. I was with my grown kids having dinner at a fast food place yesterday and there was a large tv in front of us with closed captioning. The reporter asked the one woman what she was planning to do this Sunday and there was no response on the closed captioning screen and I was thinking,"What is happening this Sunday??" It took me a few minutes to realize that Mother's Day was this weekend. This happens to me every single year. I don't come here often anymore but for those of you that have mothers that have recently passed away, I wanted to say that it does get better and easier as time goes by. You will never forget those that you loved.
Title: Re: Mother's Day
Post by: laurenE on May 09, 2015, 03:58:24 PM
Hello dear Friend.

I hate this day .  Maybe its why I am grumpy today.   I try to ignore it but its everywhere here in the USA. The tv,  radio,  magazines,  stores,... and facebook is awful! .   There is no escaping this stupid holiday for me.    I am not a mom so theres no reason to need this day.  Have bad memories of the last mothers day with my mom.   Did not have a nice mom during childhood/adulthood.   Its just not a good day for me.

 So I always give myself permission to skip church to avoid being tortured with how a mother is supposed to treat her children.  It just conjures up old injuries that I don't need to remember anymore.   

The good news is, The pain is long gone.  The memories are stored deep into the crevices of my brain,  but this holiday and all of its advertising is just so irritating.

I'm with you on this horrible weekend.  I'm sorry you have to be a part of this motherless daughters club.  But at least we're not alone,  right friend?

Sending you hugs!
Lauren E
Title: Re: Mother's Day
Post by: Terry on May 09, 2015, 06:22:49 PM
(((((((((Love to you, Irene.)))))))))
Title: Re: Mother's Day
Post by: Irene on May 10, 2015, 04:58:27 AM
Thanks Lauren and Terry,
   My dad(also passed away now) would always excitedly try to make "secret" plans for what he would have in store for our mother. She was very shy and probably a quiet day would have pleased her the most, but my dad always planned  the "bells and whistles" for her. Sorry Lauren that today is a negative one for you. I too would pass on this day, but likely because it is one day I realize how much I just miss my mom and there's nothing that will change that. Thanks for the hugs Terry. I hope that everyone will have the kind of day that they hope for.
Title: Re: Mother's Day
Post by: JulieR on May 11, 2015, 12:33:50 AM
My Mom just passed on February 19th. This is the first Mother's Day without her. I woke up with tears streaming down my face.  What would I do today with out her to celebrate??  Cry.  I miss he so much and wish that I could just have one more hug and kiss from her.  I'm 43 and feel lost without her.  She was diagnosed with colon cancer 3 years ago and fought hard to stay here with us.  I just miss her so much.  My grief comes in waves some feel as if they will swallow me up. She was my purpose for the last three years everything was about her and spending time with her.  I was blessed enough to have been there when she passed.  When it was all done I was just lost like wait I wasn't done yet we had so much more to talk about
Title: Re: Mother's Day
Post by: Terry on May 14, 2015, 10:57:01 AM
(((((Julie))))) :love9:

I'm sorry for the great loss of your precious Mother. Mother's Day is a very difficult day. You are in the beginning of your grief and will be facing many of those *firsts* which are rough for awhile.

Welcome to Webhealing. Know we're here for you and would like to hear more about your Mom when you feel up to sharing. Someone is always listening.

Love & hugs,