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Title: For all - Please Read
Post by: Terry on August 30, 2011, 09:37:37 PM

Hi! to all our wonderful members:

Just a reminder for everyone to please start a "New Topic" when there are Birthday's and Angel Day's coming up for your loved ones, updates on your progress, and basically sharing concerns, sharing *anything* that differs from the original thread topic, as this way everyone can receive the support that is needed.

I noticed that there were different subjects being discussed/shared under a particular thread title and so much can be missed when this happens. Starting a "New Topic" helps to bring attention to a specific need at the time.

This happens from time to time and member's have been deeply hurt by not receiving responses from their sharing under a topic that was totally unrelated to their need at the time.

Just a gentle reminder as I would never want to see anyone hurt by their sharing going unrecognized!

Thanks for reading!