Grief and Anger

I wanted to let people know about a new grief and healing resource that is opening. It’s a site I built titled “The Way Men Heal” and can be found at The site house nearly five hours of videos about grief and healing. Many of the videos are specifically about the masculine side of grief but there are plenty of other topics discussed. I will leave a list of the videos now available on the site below.

I have decided to take one video a month and offer it for free viewing in hopes that people will get a sense of the sorts of resources that are available on the site. The first video chosen for this month focuses on the connection of grief and anger. It clip below is a part of a three part series on the basics of grief and this clip focuses on the anger part of a larger video titled “Anger, Sadness, and Guilt.”

If you like what you see and hear please visit the site and sign up for membership.

By By Tom Golden

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