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Heaven Is Real by Don Piper
« on: August 26, 2007, 06:02:52 AM »

Heaven is Real

Another Good Book  :) just finished reading the book by Don Piper, what a message this man sends. I say if any one out there needs to know what Heaven is or doesn't really believe, this should be the answer. I read his first book when my Son died, called 90 Minutes in Heaven, I am a christian and have been for along time, but after a death of some one you love sooooo much, books like these have to be sent by God himself. He also has a book called Daily Devotions Inspired by 90 Minutes in Heaven. 
So anyone who needs comfort or are just asking why! please take time to read these books, it will put your mind at ease and bring a joy to your broken heart, that we all need! I also lost my loving husband of 45 years, a year ago and just reading Don's book gave me a smile!and reassurances!!
Sending Love to all!
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