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  Tuesdays With Morrie

This is the story of an older man who has ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and is dying. He is a professor. His student from many years ago comes back to meet with him every Tuesday, as they did in school. Morrie teaches until the end. It is a true story, and apparently Morrie was on Nightline 3x during his death journey. I have seen a movie of this as well. Wow, did it ever make an impact on me!!! Morrie taught about the things in life that really count! It's not about how much you make, how much you own, what you do, or the world's idea of success. It's about love. Letting people know that you care, and making room for them in your busy life. Not being so preoccupied that you don't see a hurting person as you walk by. It's about taking time to do the little things that mean so much. Having a spiritual connection-realizing that life goes on eternally and that our time here is relatively short in the scheme of things. It's about living well, and dying well. About forgiveness, and letting go of things that don't really matter. It's about the simple things that make life worthwhile. I highly recommend it.
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