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Okay I just got done typing a good message to be followed up with a phone call and email from my GF. My EX wife is starting rumors that my GF is cheating on me and that I called her crying and asking for advice on my GF and my relationship?????? What the hell this is not right? Now my GF thinks that I am going to my EX and that is not even close to ever happening again. MY GF said that she doesn't want to see me tonight and we had plans to be together tomorrow and she said we can talk about it then? I don't want this to end my current relationship with my GF. What do I do????? Help PLEASE HELP? What do I do?

Do you have faith in God? I can't imagine how difficult it was to lose a child and it may not seem comforting but everything happens for a reason. Your son is lucky to be with his creator. He is in Heaven and it is a much better place. As far as the marriage, why did it end? Why did he want it? God puts spouses in our life for a reason he takes us and makes us one flesch. We are intended to stay together. I would imagine that your husband to was having a difficult time with the loss of your son and he too needed someone to be there for him. Were you truly there for each other? The word marriage to me means work! It is not always peaches and cream but the good times that are had after going thru the lows are worth it! Do you still love him, what about him did you love when you first fell for him? I talk to my Pastor a lot about many different things and it is not about our plans because ours really don't matter it is the plan of our Father in Heaven that matters. God Bless I hope this may help you. Remember that each day is a sturggle and if you get to the next day you have won! If you make it thru a week it is a even bigger win! Just think how you will feel after a month, six months a year? Best of luck on winning you can do it. Searching for help means that you want to get thru this and that is just what you will be able to do taking it one day at a time!

Grief not related to deaths / Re: What Now?
« on: June 25, 2008, 08:06:38 AM »
Enough of the plastic (EMMY) face. Family and friends are just that family and friends. You will not be over taxing them if there truly care about you. You have been thru a lot there is no doubt. But you cannot take everything n your shoulders. Are you a Christian, do you have faith in God? He is the one that will pull you thru this. Without him you will continue to wonder what is next. If you cannot talk with family or friends contact a local pastor and talk with him or her and ask what they think they are always able to point you in the right direction, find others that you can talk to that are professionals. There is help out there in many shapes and forms. It just takes the ability to ask for it! God Bless you, you are still on this earth for a reason because he loves you and is only a conversation away talk to him ask him what to do!

Well as I said things have changed a bit since my last post. My GF and I have had time to talk a bit about us and I am trying to respect her and her needing some space. She is trying to respect the fact that I love being with her and the boys. She has shared with me that it is not about us and that her and I are fine and the relationship is great! Her words not mine! She said that her parents are disappointed with the fact that she divorced her ex and they are still VERY good friends w/ him and his parents. And she is trying to figure out how to kind of get the okay to proceed w/ life and spend time with me around her family more. Her father is very old school and is very close to her ex and feels disrespected that I went to one of his grandsons baseball games that he was also at? I SOOOOO look forward to a close relationship like he has with her ex husband I think that is a good thing and I have shared it with my GF. Her father was this way with one of her sisters and her now husband the whole "the guys not good enough for you" but I would think that if his daughter is happy and I treated her right then they would be happy too? She is still wanting some time for herself to sort thru the is this to early for me to be in a relationship, some of her friends are split with feelings about US. They think she may want to take time and go party and fun being SINGLE and the others see that she is truly happy with me and they say go for it if it makes you happy GO FOR IT! I have been talking with my GF sister and she didn't like me or the idea of being with her sister from the beginning and she told me yesterday that she has changed her opinion of me and that I have changed and that I am a good guy and that she wants to see her sister and I work. She did say to make sure that I give my GF( her sister ) the space she is requesting for and I have no problem with that. I trust my GF and the ex BF are just friends and I do see that it is just a struggle that she is so close to a guy friend and a bit of jealousy streak runs through my blood when they are together. I have been praying and asking God to help me with the streak and jealousy thing. The guy is moving back home (12 hours or so away) in two months so that won't be an issue as much then and I am trying to work through my emotions and give him the benefit of the doubt. Well there is my update please give me some responses as far as ways to go about this? We have decided to spend 2 or 3 nights together instead of every night like we were so that she can get things figured out with the to soon issue and she is suppose to talk with her parents and even if they don't see things her way she said she will feel better that she got it off ehr chest and that they will then know how she feels about me. We both love each other and are trying to make this work so any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all who resond and may God bless you and yours!

 I hope that you can help me. I am divorced and have been for 2 years. I am dating a woman with 3 children and she is recently divorced we starting dating just before the divorce was final. She had a tough marriage there was abuse. Her and her husband actually brought up the idea of a threesome with another woman and to make a long story short it didn't happen but she ended up in a relationship with the woman for 1 year. That ended 9 months ago and she tried to make it work with the marriage with no luck. Since she left her husband and he moved out she has been with two other men for a total of 6 in her life. One of them lasted only 10 days and it was a sexual relationship but he chose to go back with another GF that he was having problems with. My GF and him are still very close friends and do things often. There have been a couple of arguments in regards to the time spent with this guy alone or out having drinks and she states that they are only good friends nothing more and I believe her. Recently she told me that she needed some time to find herself with everything going on with the divorce the bi sexual exp and our relationship she has not had time to be free and she says she loves me and wants me with her but needs to figure some things out and that she will return. I told her I would be okay with her taking time to get things right in her mind and she says that there is noone else. I love this woman with all my heart and I am not sure what to do. Please give me your advice or your opinion.  Please help!

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