The Secret of Joyful Relationships

The Secret to Joyful Relationships Tom Golden LCSW After years of research and clinical data psychotherapists have come to some very interesting conclusions about what makes a successful relationship. The first and possibly most important element has to do with the flow of positive feedback within the relationship. We have known that positive and complimentary […]

Grief is Invisible in the United States


Nearly one in seven people at any given time are grieving in the U.S. That’s a lot of folks. To make matters worse it’s almost impossible to tell who is, and who is not grieving. This makes grief invisible and when it’s invisible it makes it very hard to know who or how to help. […]

Sadness has a bad name


One of the things that makes grief so invisible in our culture is that sadness has a bad name. People think of sadness as something that needs to be hidden, something that others shouldn’t see. It wasn’t always like this. In Chaucers time if you ate and drank “sadly” it meant you did it with […]

Excerpt from Supporting Children After a Suicide Loss: A guide for parents and caregivers

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.44.23 PM

by Sarah S. Montgomery, LCSW-C and Susan M. Coale, LCSW-C “There are universal themes common to all types of grief, such as sadness, anxiety, anger or confusion. Given the generally sudden and unexpected nature of suicide, children’s emotions may be more intense, and questions particular to suicide will likely arise. There is the shock and […]