When Science Eases the Mind


by Avi Z. I am a children’s book writer and my husband, Peter, is a science enthusiast. Our left-brain/right-brain interpretations of the world usually complement each other, but at precisely 6:15 p.m. on October 24th, 2002, our lives were shaken so severely that the natural order of things could not be sustained. We were all […]

Grief and Powerlessness

by Mary Zemites One of the most distressing aspects surrounding the death of someone we love is the overwhelming sense of powerlessness. The realization that we could not prevent this death and will not be able to prevent the future deaths of other people we love is profound. Independence, productivity and being in control are […]

Unique Military Funeral – New Zealand

Watch this video to see a highly masculine way to say farewell. Strong movements and vocalizations are prominent. One can feel the honoring and respect that is in the air. Each man doing his individual part in a larger ritual that gains power from the many. It is not hard to guess that each man […]


Healing With EMDR Tom Golden LCSW A woman was walking through a park one day troubled by some pressing personal matters. When she arrived home from her walk she realized that for some unknown reason she felt much better. She knew from her training as a psychotherapist that “nothing” seemed to have happened during the […]

Grief and Anger


I wanted to let people know about a new grief and healing resource that is opening. It’s a site I built titled “The Way Men Heal” and can be found at http://thewaymenheal.com The site house nearly five hours of videos about grief and healing. Many of the videos are specifically about the masculine side of […]