All are welcome to Tom Golden's page: was the internet's first interactive grief web site and has served the bereaved on the net since 1995.   It offers grief discussion boards where men and women can discuss , (main, child-loss, siblings), issues related to grief and healing or Browse Recommended Grief books The site's originator Tom Golden LCSW of Washington D.C. is an internationally known psychotherapist, author, and speaker on the topic of healing from loss. Tom's book Swallowed by a Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing and A Man You Know is Grieving: 12 Ideas for Helping Him Heal From Loss are available on this site. There is access to excerpts from Tom's book, information on his private practice, speaking, or skype or phone consultations for the general public or hospice professionals, and his columns on grief. The site also offers grief articles, grief links and the internet's first memorial page the Honor Page.

Tom's New Ebook

Tom's 2013 Ebook The Way Men Heal is an update of
Swallowed by a Snake and available for only 4.99
(in kindle format only) The book includes the latest
information on how masculine biology impacts the
healing process and includes sections on the reasons
that men's healing is so hard to see. Numerous examples
are given including how Michael Jordan and Eric Clapton
grieved through the masculine side. There is a bonus
section at the end on tips for helping men heal.

Tom's New Ebook The Way Men Heal
Or the KINDLE version of Swallowed by a Snake.


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